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Oil and Gas

We offer a broad range of products for Process Optimization, Maintenance-free Measurement Technologies and Instrumentation Solutions for the upstream, midstream and downstream market segments.

We welcome inquiries for Wet Gas & Multiphase Measurement and Wireless Communications offerings to meet condition-based monitoring needs. In addition, Canada Company has supplied numerous installations for fixed gas/flame/liquid leak detection, vibration & machine monitoring, electronic tank level, and many other processes requiring temperature, flow and pressure instrumentation.

Water and Waste Water

We provide innovative solutions for Municipal and Industrial Facilities, Water Quality, Treatment and Reclamation.

We have many Chlorine and Turbidity Analyzers installations, pH/ORP/Dissolved O2 probes, peristaltic metering/injection pumps and accessories. Canada Company specializes in chemical-free resolutions using Ultrasonic Remediation of green/blue-green algae in Clarifiers, Ponds and Reservoirs and non-invasive control of scale/corrosion in facility piping systems.

Food and Beverage

We focus on providing solutions for Food Processing and Food/Beverage Packaging. We have installed numerous hygiene on/off and control valves for steam, fuel gas and food-grade dyes/oils. In addition, we have years of experience in product tank-level management and flow measurement.

Our grease and oil lubrication systems enhance the performance of conveyor systems to prevent downtime for packaging frozen foods and bottling soft drinks.

Industrial and Tech

After years of providing instrumentation and control valves for industrial settings, including chemical plants and pulp & paper facilities, Canada Company expanded its offering to include wireless and broadband solutions.

Tarana Wireless supplies Wireless High-Speed Broadband to augment fiber cable deployments for remote/rural and underserved connectedness. Intuicom provides Broadband-in-a-box and Mesh I/O Radios, while the Stratus ztc Edge Computing can act as a server in the field locations. Acromag is an industry leader in signal conditioning and embedded I/O solutions.

Our communication technology can meet your SCADA System needs: water-resistant 900 Mhz receivers, ethernet-serial with I/O wireless, 900 Mhz industrial with I/O, 900 Mhz serial ethernet and cellular with I/O and MQTT.

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